Interview with Mr.E + A Farewell of Sorts

Cheers guys!

So, we've just uploaded our final Competitor article, an Interview with Mr.E by Laurel. It might seem a little odd to be putting out a "final" article after just doing our first new issue, but we've decided to merge with The Smog (some of you might've noticed the latest Recently in Tournaments and Tournaments section in the most recent Issue.)

Tournament coverage will still be featured on-site via The Smog, but we feel we can reach a broader audience with this change. Anyone interested in writing Tournament articles should hit up The Smog's Article Approvals. Zebraiken, Omelette du FireMage (wow that name change), and I will be around over there to continue doing what we've been doing.

I want to thank all of the contributors we've had over our past 3+ year run. Writers, artists, GPers, and HTMLers, it's been a blast working with you all. I'm looking forward to us continuing to put out cool stuff in the future, and I'm eager to see what awesome new things we can accomplish in The Smog.


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